Saturday, April 14, 2007


Currently reading: manuscript of I Quit My Job for This?, a collection of essays from a tired stay-at-home mom; manuscript called Nineteen-foot Tide, about an Alaskan fishing village, and Without Papers, about a Mexican-American woman; Spring issue of Zyzzyva, as well as the most recent 'Onward!' rejection letter from Howard Junker tacked to the side of my bookshelf; Spring issue of Zoetrope, even though I only bought it for the Woody Allen bit; craigslist job ads; The Love of the Last Tycoon when it arrives in the mail; Till We Have Faces, except not really because I got bored.

CoHo currently full of: prospective law school students?

Currently feeling: full, from discounted rabbit-shaped chocolate.

Currently listening to: clicky keyboard and strangers' conversations.

Current productivity: lacking.


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